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Adsense Latest Update

Are you using Google Adsense on your blogs or websites yet to make some extra money online? Well, the good news is that Google has launched Google Adsense for RSS Feeds. If you log in to your Google Adsense account and look under the Adsense setup tab, you will see the option to set up Adsense for Feeds. It looks like Google has finally decided to capitalize on their acquisition of FeedBurner. If you would like to find out more about what Google Adsense and FeedBurner are about, then click on the links.
You will need to be signed up to both Google Adsense and Feedburner to participate in Adsense for Feeds. Adsense for Feeds allows Google to send ads to your RSS Feed, provided that FeedBurner powers your feed. FeedBurner has its own ad network, which does not do a very good job of delivering ads. That is why Google has come into the picture to provide a better Ad network for the FeedBurner network.
Migration of FeedBurner to Google FeedBurner
If you want Adsense for Feeds to work with your feed, then you will have to migrate your FeedBurner account across to Google FeedBurner. This process will migrate all your feeds and account information from to Google. You will need to email Google support at with the following information:

  • Your FeedBurner account username;
  • The Google account email address you use to sign in to Google Adsense
Once you have emailed the required information above, Google will migrate your account and will contact you with specific instructions to follow once the migration is complete.
If you would like to see how it works, subscribe to my Feed and then Signup to a Feed Reader (that’s if you don’t have one already). A good Feed Reader is Google Reader. Another great opportunity to make money from Feeds.

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