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PSAds can make a blogger really annoyed.Because of the fact that he is not going to be payed when these ads show up on his blog.But as they say when there is a will there is a way.There are ways you can prevent AdSense from showing up these ads.Lets see what are the reasons of these PSAds to display and how we can stop them from showing.


1.Asking for clicking on your ads : Never ask anyone to click on your ads,whether they are your best friends,office workers,family,anyone from the net etc etc.Google is very intelligent than we think.It can track down each of your activities and keep a record of them.So please kindly avoid to do that for sure.

2.Never change the code : Changing the code can stop your AdSense earnings.In my previous topic i mentioned this.You may change anything outside the code but do not ever change the code by it self.Read this for further assistance CLICK HERE

3.Number of Ad Unit : You are bound to place not more than 3 ad unit and 3 text unit or 2 search boxes on your blog.Otherwise you would be violating the TOS.

4.Hide your information : While telling about your AdSense Report never show your CTR,CPM and income derived by your individual ad units.

5.Multiple accounts are strictly not allowed : You do not have to make 5 accounts of AdSense if you have 5 blogs (just for example).

6.Language support : Adsense supports “Chinese (simplified), Japanese, Danish, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, English, Polish, Finnish, Portuguese, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Swedish, Italian and Turkish”. In addition, AdSense for search is available in Czech, Slovak, and Traditional Chinese. If your web pages language is not supported, do not use the code on such pages.

above were the main reasons of the PSAds to show up.However you can see AdSense Help and Support page for further assistance.


1.while you are configuring your ad you are given the option of alternate color to display instead of your PSAds. This will show an empty space with the background color you suggest.
2.Suggest an alternate ad to display instead of your PSAds. Your ad will show in that space instead of the PSAds if their is insufficient content.
3.Place a collapsible ad.This ad will collapse and not show any PSAds at all.
You will get these options when you are using "AdSense for content Setup-1"

Hope the above information helps you.

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